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iChallengeMe Just Push Start | Challenge #3

Just Push Start iChallengeMe #3

When participating in the iChallengeMe Marketing Games, this hoodie comes with the following marketing challenge. 

iChallenge Marketing Games


Challenge: To make one reel to submit to us, and in the process you'll make a lot of extra footage you can use to create promotions your business during the two weeks of the month after this challenge. 

Challenge Guidelines: 

2 Weeks: 

Over the course of one week, film yourself giving the benefit of working with you. 

Short Clips, One benefit at a time. 

Bonus: Keep track in your JUST PUSH START journal!  

During the next week, create a compilation video of some of your best tips, include some footage of filming, writing ideas or b-roll footage if you took some. Use thees two features: 

- ON SCREEN TEXT Write out the bullet pointed version of the benefit you’re discussing & even push an emoji that relates to the problem if you can. 

- VOICEOVER NARRATION: use the voice over tool after you’ve compiled your video, to add an intro and outdo over some b-roll footage about {common problem in your niche} and how {your solution} could help. 

(you can be artistic... the hoodie must be worn when you are in the shot. If you are not in the shots, you must have the hoodie in shots 2x minimum.)

Post any videos to your social media using these ALL THREE  hashtags to be found: 

Enter your URL to the posted  challenge entry video in the UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES section on the iChallenge Marketing Games platform. 

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