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iChallengeMe Just Push Start | Challenge #2

Just Push Start iChallengeMe #2

When participating in the iChallengeMe Marketing Games, this coffee mug comes with the following marketing challenge. 

SIP & CHAT WITH ME method iChallenge for REELS! 

Challenge: To make one reel to submit to us, and in the process you'll make a lot of extra footage you can use to create promotions your business during the two weeks of the month after this challenge. 

Challenge Guidelines: 

2 Weeks: 

Over the course of one week, film snippets of you making a coffee, pouring coffee, drinking coffee, thinking about coffee and use this mug in your footage. 

(why over the course of a week? Because you will want 5-7 outfit or scene differences for this reel) 

Bonus: Keep track in your JUST PUSH START journal!  

During the next week, create a compilation video to submit and post that will include:

- ON SCREEN TEXT for 7 things about my business you probably didn't know (include that title and the 7 things...) 

- FOOTAGE from 7 different scenes or days, you can use more, minimum is 7 scene changes in the reel to showcase the 7 facts about your business. 

(you can be artistic... the mug has to be shown 3 times, but not as a sales piece, just included in the footage.)

Post any videos to your social media using these ALL THREE  hashtags to be found: 

Enter your URL to the posted video in the UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES section on the iChallenge Marketing Games platform. 

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