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iChallengeMe Just Push Start | Challenge #1

Just Push Start iChallengeMe #1 

When participating in the iChallengeMe Marketing Games, this hardcover journal comes with the following marketing challenge. Get it here:

Just Push Start Hardcover Journal iChallenge Marketing Games powered by FacetHub

PLAN AHEAD THEN FILM method iChallenge for REELS! 

Challenge: To make one reel to submit to us, and in the process you'll make a lot of  extra footage you can use to create promotions your business during the two weeks of the month after this challenge. 

Challenge Guidelines: 

2 Weeks: 

Over the course of one week, write out ideas daily in this book to make reels to answer these business topics: 

- What topics people ask you about your business all the time

- What products/services are most popular

- Who we are as a company

Write them in bullet form, paragraph form, sketches or a combination, use the journal to come up with ideas for one week. 

Date each day's entries. Over the next week, film those ideas and mark down progress or reports in the journal by the original idea


Make a compilation video about this process and the content-making game in business ownership. Tell us how you felt inspired to create or not using the PLAN AHEAD THEN FILM IT ALL method.

Use footage of you writing ideas, thinking, creating, filming, and posting as creatively as you can from the footage and ideas you came up with during this challenge. 

Post any videos to your social media using these ALL THREE  hashtags to be found: 

Enter your URL to the posted video in the UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES section on the iChallenge Marketing Games platform. 

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