This is  a Subscription Sticker of the Month Club


Every month, we package a fun surprise for you (Stickers & gifts from our sponsors) and send you a care package. You'll want to supply your best shipping address and contact us if your shipping changes. 


We select each month's Sticker of the Month Club contents and send without substitutions. These are Surprise Goodie Bags delivered to your mailbox. Stuff for you. Stuff to Gift. Stuff to Resell (if that's your thing...)


Note: Stickers in photo may not be the stickers you receive (almost guarantee it since these are just a few of what we have available...) 


Each Month Will Include AT LEAST one sticker



Thanks for being a supportive Facet of FacetHub. 

Shipping to Continental United States is included in the Cost of Subscription


***If you sign up during SPECIAL OFFER PRICING you'll lock in that rate for your subscription!***

Sticker of the Month Club

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