Why taking action creates success

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

All good ideas start with a brainstorming session. Some take place in the weirdest of places and become the most successful of projects. After brainstorming, though, it's the actions that follow that determine the level of success, if any, an idea has. Keep reading to find out how to take action and create success in YOUR life.

After a good brainstorming session, and you have a business idea that will launch your life into success... what do you do next? In short, take action. In more detail, learn as much as you can, begin moving forward, and keep speaking positive affirmations into the process.

Learn as much as you can

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

You know what you want to do now. Maybe it is a project that needs to be created out of materials, or a service that needs to be formulated and sold. Either way, you now need to do something to get somewhere that profit exists. Take this time to organize your thoughts, get new ones, learn how someone else failed with similar purpose-- and then GO!

Go back to school

Maybe not exactly 'book bag and packed lunch' style, but it's possible that your newly hatched brain child will need a license, certification or proof of experience in order to usher in the dollars. If you need to be educated, don't cut corners. Don't skimp on the training because a cheap get started option is offered instead. This is your new LIFE. Learn what you NEED to succeed in the long run.


When I decided I wanted to become a #DigitalMarketingSpecialist, I researched every degree program, free course, and blogger who had done it before me. I found a lot of success stories and figured out what I needed to learn from the terms that popped up that I I didn't yet understand in the endless supply of webinars toting "This is what I do all day" advertised by posts about their beautiful work schedule.


LifeTIP: Figure out what you need to know by reading about your new industry (Blogs, Newspapers, Research Papers, Bio's of Board Members, etc) and making a list of the things that don't yet make sense or seem to come naturally. Use this as a starting point to spiderweb to all kinds of new topics, methods, thoughts for growth, possible warnings for failures, tools to use, etc.

You'll be surprised what you can learn when you're focused on growing instead of brainstorming.

Begin moving forward...

"It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things." ~ Machiavelli

It takes one foot in front of the other (figuratively or literally) to begin, but this is often where most ideas fail. The first step.

Just start already. You can't fix a mistake and move forward if you don't move forward and make a mistake... You have to go. You have knowledge, idea, passion, drive to succeed, need for financial freedom--- What is holding you back?

Doubt. Worry. Fear. Lack of Confidence.

Isn't that fun? The only thing usually holding someone back from beginning their career is THEM!

As a business consultant-- I've been privileged to work with brains of all industries. Top level entrepreneurs who MADE IT! They got their idea from paper to platform and were able to enjoy it...until the growth started and they began questioning themselves again. This taught me that we are all human and are on the search for our path and doubt ourselves. It's natural curvature of the road, not a road block. Get going... Even a turtle's pace is sufficient.

Get Inspired

Keep things positive whenever you have an aware enough brain to think about it. Dwelling on anything in a negative, disrespectful manner to yourself or others is detrimental... always. A good way to process happy thoughts and energy into your daily life is to start your morning with affirmations. This will build a confidence about you that will carry your idea from action to success.

Taking care of yourself is the number one step in being a powerful asset to the world. Whether your idea was a business plan to make you happy, a non-profit to help others, or a simple craft that will sell ... Don't waste it by failing to begin.

Taking action is the best way to reach success, for when you're shooting for mars, even when you fail a little- you're among stars. That's a pretty great launching point for your next trip to mars!

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