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A faceted umbrella  that encompases all areas of design & marketing via it's services & partners. FacetHub, LLC itself offers print & digital productions for gifts & business. You can print your business cards through us, or an 8x10 canvas, or shop our gift gallery. You can also Become a Facet and promote your art. 


Facets of Hospitality is a partner boutique agency, a team of experts, that offers brand building consulting & digital web presence design services for small and large businesses alike. 


FacetDigitalTools.com is a place to register your domains, email accounts, and hosting services in order to stay within the Facets network and receive the BEST customer service known to the marketing industry. 

Integrity. We believe in it and strive for AWESOME. So do our facets, partners, sponsors, vendors, clients and friends. If we see a way we can do better, we will adjust. So feel free to bookmark and come back often for updates, news and fun!

The Many Facets of US: 

FacetHub- Print & Digital Design

Facets of Hospitality - Boutique Brand Building Consultants

Facet Digital Tools - Web Host & Domain Registering 

Facets of Northern Michigan - A gallery of great places to visit and see when you visit The Upper Lower and The Upper Peninsula.

Faceted Creative Director

Jennifer Marie is a Creative Director with Facets of Hospitality, and owns Facethub and FacetDigitalTools. Her training is in psychology & business, with a flair for artistry, entrepreneurship, and a background in innkeeping and travel writing ... Take a breath!


We have a multifaceted @NerdInCharge and a wonderful network of awesome. Thank you for being here.  



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