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Welcome to FacetHub - where authenticity meets business growth!


Founded by a single mom in 2012 who needed to work at home before it was popular. 

This network of freelance support and services grew into team after team coming together to fill a need in the business owner community. Now, the FACET network consists of a Marketing Team, a Content Team, a Web Development Team, and a Design Team. Coming together to provide business owners with tools and tips as well as discounts on services and resources, FacetHub has become a growth hub for entrepreneurs and CEOs worldwide. 


Anyone can use our services; you don't have to be a FACETHUB member. 

But if you are... it's cheaper, easier, and more valuable to your entire team. 

Join our platform of resources for business owners who value integrity and aim for greater success. As a FACET, you'll gain insight into resources you may not have known were available to you, access professional training and opportunities, and have access to design and marketing services, a web development team, a content team, and more! As a FACET, you can help you achieve your goals while staying authentic.


Experience the power of authenticity as a FACET who believes in collaboration over competition and wants to challenge their confidence to grow through their potential and soar on the wings of abundance.  You ROCK, and you deserve to feel like it when you're promoting your business. 


You Rock...

...Facets Shine


FacetHub Membership has two levels


In addition to all the FREE MEMBERSHIP Benefits Below, an Annual Premium Membership Provides an SEO - Boosted Listing on our Discover Facets Map. You also get access to great resources and an evergrowing collection of rockin' savings opportunities and ways to grow that you can't find elsewhere.  

Free Membership Access provides:
-- Your Marketing Team Access (And Member Discounts Available)
-- Your Content Team Access 
-- Your Design Team Access  
-- Your Merch Team Access 
-- Access to Tools & Programs & Offers  
-- Access to Education & Courses to Build Your Own Business 


Every rock is unique in a different way... but they each shine with a beauty all their own and that's what counts. Our uniqueness is our superpower. Our multi-faceted sides to our story are the things that allow our customers to relate to us. Business owners who get that, succeed in a whole different way. 

FacetHub is made up of Facets of business that will inspire growth. Our Facets are business owners, entrepreneurs, event planners, and professionals who want to make a change in the world, and they've been called into commerce with a mission. These business owners value each other and their peer's uniqueness while collaborating and growing the world of business together as a whole. They shop local, they are local, they are ABUNDANT... but they aren't cookie cutter. They market their business, but they aren't fake about it. They show up for content, but it's real. They have a voice, a mission, and a purpose for good, not evil. They don't belittle other businesses (they just don't engage.) They don't steal from other business owners (they quote inspiration or completely recreate, not plagiarize.) They share ideas but don't develop them out from under the collaborators. They like and comment from the heart. They KNOW what their business is about, promote it, and own it. 

If this sounds like a vibe you're feeling, Become a Facet

Become a Facet

Become a Facet


By signing up, you agree to receive access (via email) to our resources as mentioned above. 

If you check the box to become a PREMIUM members, this application will be reviewed and a determination status will be emailed within 72 hours. 

Thanks for Applying to Become a Facet... We will connect with you soon.

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