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Just like the FACETS of a crystal... These are the business owners, artists, creators, photographers, and designers that make FacetHub so unique and beautiful. Our 'shop' is full of their vision and all we have to do is love on it and promote it!

Have a look at some of our facets and connect with them when it suits your life. 

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Your Marketing Team

Facets of Hospitality can create your web presence and help you showcase what you're doing via Social Media outlets and other marketing techniques to get NOTICED! Reach your goals the right way by working with YOUR MARKETING TEAM at Facets of Hospitality. 

Jades Creations

Just For Fun 

Cakes, Cupcakes & Candies

Based in Mancelona, Michigan

Shipping Available


Geoff Estes Photography

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Photography of Adventures

by Geoff Estes