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TELL IT: It's Your Story

FacetHub: The Hub for Facets to Find Inspiration

What is a FACET? A thriver. Someone who has been through some SCHITTTTTE and turned it into fertilizer to grow a beautiful garden.  

You will find INSPIRATION here. 

  • To tell your story

  • To promote your business

  • To enrich your soul

  • To help others grow

Our mission is to connect the facets of life with the multi-faceted people who live it. When you share your story, you inspire others to learn... grow... flow. Sometimes we get stuck on words, ours or those of others. At FacetHub we help you breakthrough mind-chatter that tells you "My story doesn't matter...Who would read it anyway?" If you feel this way about YOU or YOUR BUSINESS then you were sent here for a reason! 

Our multi-faceted approach is called The Facet Method and it will be taught via Facets of Inspiration TV network. We also have a supporting Podcast, Blog, and Resource page to connect all the facets our hosts talk about in shows & workshops- You can always find the links to what we talk about on the RESOURCES page. 

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Our Facets Are Connecting Dots, Not Bots

Find the Missing Audience

Your audience might not be scrolling through Instagram Reels... Use FacetHub Resources to find other verifiable ways to generate LEADS & SUPPORT without using tools that drain you for little return. 

Watch and Bloom

Our unique web presence-building workshops and services reach a wide audience ranging in age, career, and location. Our ability to inspire both the consumer and the producer is unique, and you have options to participate in your comfort zone with ZERO sales pitches... we're a marketing company at heart. We know how it works, but we LOVE being REAL instead.  

Grow With Ad Share

Premium Level Facets are eligible to participate in our AD SHARE programs, which earn them direct and indirect advertising credits and campaigns, as well as access to sponsor our iChallenges to earn leads and extra exposure. 


iChallenge® starts here. Sponsored by Your Marketing Team at Facets of Hospitality, this "Just Push Start" challenge inspires you, the Faceted Thriver or budding entrepreneur, to START!

Start manifesting your ideas. Start making the content to promote your business. Start feeling as POWERFUL as you are. Just Push Start! 

Just Push Start

iChallenge (1).png

In the creative stage of storytelling... Inspiration is key. There are 700 million T-Shirts to choose from in your closet (or on the shelves at stores if you're a minimalist) and you choose ONE. Why? It inspires you somehow to feel comfortable, happy, and protected from the elements, and it is a good way to represent YOU. This MERCH SHOP is a Facet of Inspiration because: 



Each MERCH ITEM is connected to an iChallenge.


An iChallenge is a FACET of support we created to help others and you. When you purchase an item in the FACETHUB shop, you are provided a person's story connected to that shirt that will change the world if just one more person reads their story.



It's sometimes a person with a business story that's SO INSPIRING your invention will come out of your brain and into your bank when you read it! 

It's sometimes a survivor who fought for the ability to tell an inspiring story and their only goal is to get others to know it happens so it doesn't ever happen again. 

It's sometimes fictional, for entertainment & enjoyment and blessings of abundance for your support! 

The merchandise you buy provides you access to a library of stories that the world needs to listen to before reading is replaced with "Hey Alerta..."


Wearing the MERCH supports the storyteller (Aka FACET) and it supports our mission to share more story techniques, workshops, and services at no cost or low cost to storytellers who need assistance but don't have the millions to do it right, yet! 


It's YOUR story. 

It's OUR story. 

It's time to TELL IT 


You'll never get anywhere until you



Get Invited to a TELL IT Event or Workshop

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