Discover the many facets of us


FacetHub was born because a creative, single momma needed a business to work at home that made enough to support a growing boy. Being a ghostwriting, crafty, hippie-chick with a passion for small business growth, often seen chatting it up at farmer's markets... It became apparent that certain small businesses have no idea how to grow online. This momma knew how to do that. Very well. Kind of like the back of her hand, roadmap style that just seemed to work!

What began as Web Presence Consulting & Services after the ghostwriting morphed, quickly turned into a "Small Business Influencer from Behind the Scenes Spreading Confidence in All Things Web Presence via Conferences, eBooks, Articles & Consults" hodgepodge of all things marketing for all types of businesses and entrepreneurs. 


When that single momma's child began repeating her marketing techniques back to her in gamer format or other industries that he understood much better than she did, she realized that they had to do something with this, so that he could turn this into a job during college or beyond.


"Your Merch Shops @facethub" has been formulating for about 18 months and is the brainchild of a hippie-momma and her teenage gamer son. We are skilled, educated, and fun, but we create PROFESSIONAL merch shops. Customized, managed, payments collected, and commission checks delivered to YOU!


The Tech Team is managed by the son, the Design Team is managed by the momma. FacetHub is a collaborative effort of this duo & other amazingly talented folks who work on our team and also do their own projects. 

We are often seen working with our sister company, @FacetsofHospitality as many of their spa & salon industry clientele enjoy having customized merchandise shops added to the web presence that FoH is building. 


Our customized merch shops allow an influencer or brand to add to your presence in turnkey fashion as a quick and easy extra line of income that can really skyrocket your brand's popularity and loyalty among followers. 

The beauty of the FacetHub way is that it's not rocket science for you to understand your product choices, commissions, and marketing campaigns. It's not hard for you to share your customized Merch Shop URL. It's not hard for you to cash your commission checks. So... really. It's simple. Your Merch Shops @FacetHub is growing your confidence in your ability to diversify your brand's presence in ways that can help solidify a strong financial future.