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FacetHub is an LLC registered to help companies market their businesses.

FacetHub, owned by a female works with lots of others towards digital web presence goals for businesses. 


FacetHub ... is multi-faceted. 

An incubator business that helps grow an idea into a multi-million dollar thriving business.

A community-changing marketing company. In 2020, in order to PIVOT and shift in this world economy of LIFE being shut down, promotion agencies were hit with a whirlwind of different scenarios from LIFE IS OVER to BUSINESS IS BOOMING. 

... FacetHub branched ... 


Facets of Hospitality was born to house the services & service providers available to small and medium-sized businesses as a marketing team on call when you need design or promotion services. In addition to skilled services & consultations, FoH enlists the printing help of FacetHub & tools from in order to achieve these web presence projects. 

FacetHub Shop is a culmination of all the creativity of our clients & artists we've met as a way to showcase cool products & make artists some extra money and traffic, but also as an example of what Facets of Hospitality can do for your business & brand. 

Artistry & Creativity are at the heart of everything we do... Along with compassion, empathy, and love. 

The Facets that makeup FacetHub include artists, authors, photographers, and digital creators... The Facets of life!

The Artists who make up our shop and that we work with to promote their own art & purpose, are called facets. Let's connect. How can FacetHub help you grow? 

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Curtis, MI 49820

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