What Do We Do?

We create customized merch shops & products for you to share with your followers. We host the shop for sale & you can link to it from your site or social media posts. When you sell an item, you make a commission!   All you do is create a FacetHub profile & Tell your followers about Your Merch Shop! 


National Aesthetic Spa Network

"Our member merch shop has never been easier to promote. And to get a new product in our store, all I have to do is email some ideas to my account manager and they're listed within 24 hours of approval. 

JADES Creations

Having a Merch Shop has totally given my business another stream of income and allowed my brand to grow with my fans & customers! 

Facets of Hospitality

As a marketing agency, it is nice to be able to offer our clients a MERCH store solution that works well and they don't have to manage... but we trust as a part of our team for them. 


How Easy Is It? 

How many products can I list? 

Can I have a custom URL? 

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